Eddi Kewley


A Message from Eddi

More than thirty years as a dealer has shown me that for those new to collecting the pursuit of their passion can be a daunting experience.  A lot of people feel very tentative about making their first purchase.  They are often not only unsure of what to buy but also want to spend wisely. For some, going to galleries can be unnerving and intimidating. It’s always more a question of what they like and about introducing them to good artists working in the genre which appeals.  It’s very satisfying to be able to assist them and subsequently see the paintings enhancing their homes and offices - and the enthusiasm and joy the artworks bring as well as the confidence that first purchase inspires. No matter what the budget, it is possible to put together a worthwhile and valuable collection.

My passion is painting and sculpture and encouraging art appreciation in the broader community.   The establishment of Kenthurst Galleries  filled a Fine Art void in the Hills District north west of Sydney and subsequently drew clients from around Australia and overseas. To a large extent the success I enjoy as a dealer is due to the time spent visiting studios and communicating with the artists directly and visiting and displaying art in the clients’ homes.  I feel that this gives me a greater insight into the struggles, challenges and directions of artists working alone in their studios and discerning what clients want. 


I studied visual art and design, archaeology and paleo-anthropology at the University of New England Armidale and have had solo exhibitions of my own work in the past. I do have a keen eye for innovation and untapped talent.  Welcome to our site and feel free to contact me if you would like some help sourcing paintings and sculpture.

 Eddi Kewley