Blog 1: I know What I Like

A beginners guide to understanding and collecting art........

My art journey began in earnest after I left England two years ago. Although Australian, I had been practising for many years in the UK as a Paediatrician, specialising in ADHD. Early in 2013, I reconnected with Eddi Jennings a well known Sydney Art Dealer whom I knew thirty five years ago and we recently married.

Together we have formed a new company, Eddi Kewley Art Consultant Pty Ltd. which operates primarily as an on-line gallery and advisory service for anyone wanting to put together an art collection. As a co-director, my introduction to the Australian art scene has been fast-tracked to say the least!


I am a traditionalist at heart - give me Streeton's Fire’s On (shown right) and I'll show you a magnificent painting. However, I know that on this learning curve it will never again be an adequate response for me to view an artwork and declare but I know what I like.

It has been pointed out that some of us may have bad habits in which we like to indulge! Clarification needed here. For example, eating a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting might make me happy but that doesn't mean it's a goodthing to do. In the same way, knowing what I like when evaluating an artwork doesn't necessarily equate to it being good.

In the coming months I will explore the breadth of talent which exists within the art studios not just within Australia but around the world. Moreover, I hope to learn the definition of what constitutes a good painting. I would like to share my experiences with you.


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