Blog 8: Spring Show

Helen Minogue and Peter Wade spoke to captive audiences last Sunday as our on-line operation was officially launched. It was a magic day for art lovers when, clutching tiny toys which often feature in her work, Helen spoke about her paintings. Like many artists, her work evolves as she progresses and she often integrates these favourite objects, linking them with news events, personal experiences, and other occurrences. Both Helen and Peter’s work was well received.

Peter Wade’s “Habitat”, he said, reflected the future of the environment with overpopulation leading to dwellings, stacked one upon the other. The "Gerrit Rietveldt Red & Blue with a View" sculpture features influences and a tribute to his mentor who was a skilled furniture maker was excited by Mondrian and his use of primary colours.

Anyone wishing to view the exhibitions can call us on (02) 9654 8006 or M 0407 428 301.

More next week,


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