Blog 10: Outback Australia

Eddi and I have spent the last two weeks travelling through outback Australia. We hadn't intended to drive 6000km in such a short time but we were absolutely fascinated by the colours of the outback and by the time we reached Wilpena Pound and travelled through Brachina Gorge we wanted more.

These photos are taken at The Painted Desert which is located south west of Oodnadatta and It’s the first time I have been to this area. Neither of us knew the painted desert existed and we think its beauty and grandeur rivals Uluru. It's easy to see why the desert and its environs has inspired some of our finest artists in the past. John Olsen's Lake Eyre pictures capture the gentle beauty of the salt lakes whilst Bela Ivanyi likes to head north to the Kimberleys and Broome every chance he gets. Bela has been travelling outback most years of the past 25 years and has also run classes there. He has a great love for the textures and colours of the outback.

I am attaching three paintings by Bela which demonstrate his clarity of colour which is so evident in the brilliant light. In the first picture, I like the way he has portrayed the crimson red soil, the struggling trees on the hilltops and his observation of the northern territory colours, the yellows, greens, oranges and purples which Fred Williams observed so well with such minimal brush strokes.

Going to the outback is like a rite of passage for many and I wondered in the past if travellers over exaggerated it's beauty and the adventure to justify all the effort they went to in going there. That was when I was once a cynic! However, today I am a complete convert and want to go back there and paint too!


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